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Fish Fingers The fish finger along with its US equivalent the fish stick is a slightly odd product.

We buy them because they contain the word "fish" which we associate with good food, and being covered with batter or breadcrumbs it is easy to get children to eat them.

Having decided that it may be easier to get children to eat fish fingers rather than unprocessed fish, I started to wonder if we would be better off nutritionally with the supermarket's low price white fish option covered with tomato ketchup.

I followed this thought up and started looking at the difference in the quantity and type of fish in various fingers and at various prices. I had always assumed that the more expensive fingers had more fish and more expensive fish, but is that assumption true?

It turns out that it is reasonable to say that on average there are about 17 grams (0.6 ounces) of fish per finger, meaning that three fingers would be about 1.8 ounces of fish. Clearly there is some variation in the size of a finger, but most fingers are roughly the same size or boast that they are jumbo, large or chunky.

Whilst there are artisan fish fingers and home made ones these are very much special cases that most people wouldn't consider when talking about fish fingers.

Adults including me that eat fish fingers are free to make their own choices.
This Isn't Too Serious
Fish Fingers PlentyMoreFishFingersInTheSea is a light hearted site aiming for a bit of humour at the expense of the humble fish finger whilst still being informative.

We will be looking at the fish finger in terms of cost and nutritional value as well as how to serve them, beyond grill and cover with red sauce.

As well as content created by ourselves, you can add your own recipes and there is a forum where you can take part in various discussions.

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