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Fundamental Facts
scales Whether the fish finger is based on cod, Pollock or some other fish, the simple fact is that there is usually very little flavour in a fish finger so there is a limit on how a fish finger can be used.

Wasabi and pepper, can't be used, in theory a crab based fish finger would be a completely different kettle of fish (!), but crab meat is expensive, so it does not form a sensible base.

Fish Finger Hash
Recipe image
Ingredients: Potatoes, Fish fingers.
Process: Cook both elements separately and then merge.
Comments: Corned beef hash is a quick and simple dish, but when corned beef is replaced be fish fingers, you quickly see how little body or flavour fish fingers have.

Having done this recipe once, you may very well give up on fish fingers forever.
Posted By: Ian Smith - Jan 25 2013 9:29AM
Web Site: http://www.IanSmithCSE.co.uk
Traditional Sandwich
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Ingredients: Bread.Lettuce, tomato and cucumber, Mayonnaise or tomato ketchup.
Comments: Ideally the bread should be a white Danish style loaf such as Nimble. A granary loaf, or even worse something like rye bread will leave the fish finger as an irrelevant component.

Crispy bacon can be added for a strong flavour contrast if no sauce is used.
Posted By: Ian Smith - Jan 25 2013 9:29AM
Web Site: http://www.IanSmithCSE.co.uk
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